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Luis is currently busy as a bee! Check out some of the projects he is involved with below. "I've been told not to bite more than I can chew or chew more than I can swallow, something like that. I think doing more is just fine: I'm doing just enough." 






10/2/17 - Today I continued to write through pain; my heart is heavy with fear: Stay strong Texas, Florida, Mexico, Puerto Rico, and Las Vegas!!! Here is a new poem from a collection of poems titled, "UNTITLED." 





Part V

While Listening To Ana Gabriel



and bullets rain down on twenty thousand people

in the city of lights in the city of slot machines


and bachelorette nights, but En La Obscuridad

Country fans scream as if praying for justice


as if gun control and their black friends don’t matter

and over fifty nine dead and over five hundred


injured and traumatized and utilized, but white men

aren’t terrorist because only Muslim men are


because blacks and browns are to blame for all

and because the constitution the amendments and


Quién Como Tú to understand our tired tired bodies

our ancestor’s scars underneath our fingernails,


and the rain seizes fire and people run in herds

like wildebeests seeking refuge seeking water


pero Todo Termino and lights of red and blue

flood Mandalay Bay and broken guitars and broken


bottles too broken dreams broken homes bones

and Hay Unos Ojos closed forever and Una Flor Triste


threaded between curls and blood and bullet shells

and an open mouth against sand, fear beautifully bleeding.     




7/25/17 - YouTube Upload

Current Mood: direct response to another writer's comment about my poetry having too much brown and gay themes.





5/25/17 - Lots has happened and is happening and will continue to happen: LIFE. But I continue to expand meet new people, forget old ones, and re-focus my energy. I am editing a couple of manuscripts and chapbooks, and preparing for the publishing of my first book of poems. I just graduated from the University of Notre Dame with a Master's of Fine Arts in English, Creative Writing. So I guess I am an official writer/poet now? Ha! O! Academia… 

We are also shopping for a publisher for The Brillantina Project, for we hope to go to print just in time for the AWP 2018 in Tampa; Poems for Orlando. This has been a long and rewarding process, and we cannot wait to share the anthology with the world! 

Also, I am available for public speaking, poetry readings, and other professional commitments; PLEASE SEE MY "ABOUT" AND "EDUCATION" SECTIONS FOR COMPLETE RESUMES AND BACKGROUNDS.

And finally, some words of wisdom, post-MFA: YOU DO NOT NEED A DEGREE TO BE A WRITER. I have seen many "writers" that shouldn't be in MFA programs. Community is nice, of course, but we can find it outside of the classroom, and sometimes, the most important collaborations are made outside in the "real world," and not inside an institution - Think about it - Let no one tell you how good you are, or how you should write, or what you should focus on; be your own judge, find your own destiny, and believe in yourself! Some of the most important things I accomplished during my 2 years in a prestigious institution as a candidate for the Master of Fine Arts, were not accomplishments directly connected with my department or program. Nope! But don't put words in my mouth, I loved my experience and my memories at the University of Notre Dame, I've been blessed, but I need to recognize that even they have a lot of growing to do, a lot of inclusion to make, and a lot of rules to change; be careful who you hire as faculty, be careful who you accept as students, and please be more thoughtful in your process of choosing a commencement speaker! Seriously…  






1/20/17 - Today, America embraces hate and racism and selfishness and darkness. Here is a poem written on Inauguration Day:


Donald, The Unready

For humanity


Today I have no president.

So help me us God

Because let’s be honest,

Jesus is #boycotting this crap too.


Please raise your right hand

& repeat after

Republicans, you don’t serve

Trump, you don’t serve

Hate, you won’t serve

History, you will remember ,

You they them them them

You don’t share my heart

You don’t share my home

You don’t share my country

You don’t fit with WE.


Nor the red, white & blue

Will accept going back 300 years for you,

For stars choose when to burn

On their very own,

& then there is white

& as WE the people fly

Up into the white into the bright

Into the cold blue,

Like birds over our capital

With 44 & FLOTUS

Tears of freedom hit our laps

Like holy bombs.


Today puppets across the country rejoice

Today it rains, today our hearts bleed

The unknown, today Lady Liberty knows

Not her people’s hate hate hate,

& when Trumpy took stage & touched Bible

God didn’t stay still like none of us should!

He threw down rain, prayers around the world

The tears of sane Americans everywhere,

Because God is like man:

He will never change.


& if you voted for him,

You’re responsible!

You are a national embarrassment

You are overripe fruit

You are dirty dirty snow

You are broken bones

You are poisonous snakes

You are clearance items

You are burned toast

You are flat tires,

Because we enter an era

Where guns have more rights than women

Where whites embrace a new kind of Hitler

Where selfishness will make enemies

Out of allies across our mother earth.


So listen up:

Americans, stand!

Catholics, stand!

Christians, stand!

Muslims, stand!

Immigrants, stand!

Artists, stand!

Teachers, stand!

Mothers, stand!

Children of the sun, stand!

You you you,

You, stand!


Because WE outnumber them

Because WE are united

Because WE celebrate love

Because love is love is love is love

& hate cannot & will not diminish love:



Know your rights.

Prepare for war. 



May God Have Mercy on AMERICA

Hate will never be MY President. Racism will never be MY President. Sexism will never me MY President. Ignorance will never be MY President. Fear will never be MY President. Rape will never be MY President. Misogyny will not be MY President. Homophobism will not be MY President. May God Bless you and the people under the stars & stripes… TODAY I WEEP FOR MY COUNTRY. My heart is broken. My spirit is furious. I am angry. I have lost hope. But the sun will continue to rise and good will continue to prevail. We are all brothers and sisters and we must continue healing and fighting for our freedom. We were never free. Freedom has always been an idea… 


Presidential Debates 2016

I am disappointed in the American people that support the coward: Donald Dump. He stands against everything I stand for, and everything I am. He is not man at all; he will never be my President. I apologize to all the people he has offended and hurt, because as an American, I feel it is my duty to represent my country better than he is doing: I am sorry. #ImWithHer May God bless HILLARY CLINTON!!! #MadamPresident 


Here is a poem I just wrote, in discussion and response to the Republican nominee: 




It’s locker room talk

It’s locker room talk

It’s locker room talk


We don’t talk about

fingering women

who say no,

talk about the way

they smell around

famous cock like yours,

talk about grabbing

grabbing grabbing,


It’s locker room talk

‘Grab’m by the pussy’

It’s locker room talk


Power talk power

cock power mock,

Boys will be boys

Boys will be boys


It’s not even smooth,

smooth like peanut butter

smooth like Hillary Clinton

smiling like a disappointed

mother in the first two debates,


It’s locker room talk

It’s locker room talk

It’s locker room talk


Grab them by the pussy!

Kiss them without asking!

Call them pigs and slobs!










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This communal creative documentary project will expose the people that make the University of Notre Dame, the great institution that it is. It will interview individuals currently affiliated with the university, including of staff, students, and faculty. The official Facebook Page is:  


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AUGUST 28, 2016 — Mexican ICON dies in Los Angeles County, CA. I grew up listening to this man: A true artist, fabulous fashionista, and #ElDivoDeJuarez. Everyone adores Juan Gabriel and his legacy will never die. R.I.P.   

 Alberto Aguilera Valadez   "Juan Gabriel"   |   1971 - 2016 #Michoacáno  

Alberto Aguilera Valadez   "Juan Gabriel"   |   1971 - 2016 #Michoacáno  




For Juan Gabriel



Te perdono porque 

you made me cry, 

because you left this

monarca boi hungry

because no one ever

loved you, nadie 

te amónadie pudo

aceptar, supieron

aceptar, a crazy

dreamer rhinestone

galore, the dark

eyeliner you placed

under your vibrant

ojosmí amor

the way

your Boleros 

will live on

forever, your

Mariachi and

Banda too,

how at eight

I wanted to

be just like you,

brilloso y ardiente






JUNE 14, 2016 — Tragedy Strikes France Again! My prayers are with those affected by the horrific event in Nice, France. From #NYC to #NICE prayers prayers float your way my brothers and sisters. Here is a poem I wrote: 




For the 84 killed, 100 injured



Bullets flew like birds

and like herds you ran ran ran

every 5 yards twisted limp bodies

against gravel wrapped like mummies

red oozing out from who knows where

God knows why, I know why:


Because you were waiting for fireworks

Because you were playing Pokémon Go

Because you were still talking about Orlando

Because you were Tweeting about Trump

Because you skipped breakfast and lunch—


Let me start over:

I don’t know why.

I don’t know why.

I don’t know why.

I don’t know why.

I don’t know why.





The Brillantina Project

The Brillantina Project are poems for those who glitter & glisten, those with bright wondrous gazes, hearts bursting with love. Somos brillo que brilla: Somos Orlando. Let us unite in solidarity through poetry & use our words to create awareness & change.


Public Pool, One Space For All Poets: RIGHT NOW

A poem in response to the violent acts across the country, specifically the #Dallas police shooting


St. joseph county, Indiana | juvenile justice center: boys writing workshop

Founder and Lead Instructor of the Creative Writing Workshop on Friday's; in collaboration  with the University of Notre Dame and the JJC.

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