Luis Lopez-Maldonado

Poeta. Playwright. Dancer. Choreographer. Educator.

University of Notre Dame

Master of Fine Arts, Creative Writing '17


University of California, Riverside

Bachelor of Arts, Creative Writing '12


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Published Poetry: PRINT

2011 - Present



"Far from obvious, these pieces brilliantly juxtapose dissonant contemporaneous events to create a sense of the present moment which is both disquieting and laden with sexual and mortal danger. A bravura performance."

— Harts & Minds



The Spoon Knife Anthology 

"Viva La Frida" "A Found Poem On Saturday" "Moving In Before School Starts"


Off Channel (National Finalist)

"El Dia De San Valentin" "How I Imagine Satanas (Satan)"



"At Your Funeral"


Off The Rocks, Vol. 19

"Jean-Michel Basquait"


Cloudbank, No. 5

"Driving Home From Irvine Valley College"


Matchbox Magazine, 6th Edition

"How I Imagine Satanas" "Sunday Catholic School"


Badlands, Vol. 3

"Mexican Bird"


Spillway, No. 16

"Death and Menudo"


The Packinghouse Review, Vol. 2 No. 4

"Just Loneliness"



"Happy Birthday"


As/Us, Issue 4

"Making you pretty again"


The American Poetry Review,  Sep/Oct 2011, Vol. 40 Issue 5

"Surviving in Santa Ana"


An Ekphrastic Event For Sharing The Muse, SBM Art

"Woman in Green, After Ed Paschke's Heddy


The Tin Lunchbox Review

"Letter to My Dead BFF, Sylvia" "White Man with Posters"


Pilgrimage, Volume 40, Issue 1 & 2

"ISIS Executes 15 Year-Old Boy Accused of Having Gay Sex"


Foglifter, Volume 2, Issue 1

"Bare-Docked and Beautiful" and "For Colored Boys Shot & Killed" 



Published Poetry: ONLINE/WEB

2011 - Present


(In no specific order!)!haptics-the-senses/co1d±-november-10-2016/


"Eye sing sad songs sung in colors unknown to the gringo."

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